Outer Ring An area around the Engagement zone. Each new level starts with flying around the Outer Ring.
Engagement The center of the Battlefield where the enemy resides. Missions involve a variety of drone skill challenges such as penetrating, bumping and landing on animated obstacles.
Engine Room A safe area where Scotties wait to repair or flip drones.


Bridge The place where two Warriors fly their drones. It consists of two chairs and a launch pad.
Scoring Judging area.
Staging Match queuing table.
Camp Team work tables.
Faraday Room Safe drone power up area far enough away to not interfere with match play.
Spectators Viewing public.


The battlefield is packed with Imperium X enemies. But for Warriors to be victorious they must possess a range of skills.

avoid moving obstacles timing the flight path
landing on Power Ups an accurate, soft landing
bumping vertical sensors tap of the correct area
deviate from the battle plan listen to the Captain


The descending flight path after the elevated hump requires a smooth touch. A great strategy is to assign this task to a weaker Warrior while your strong Warrior tackles some of the tougher enemies. Divide and conquer.


Timing is everything on this one. The center portal rotates back and forth. The lights change color and direction when the portal is about to reverse. Level 3 increases the oscillation speed with a Power Up.


Ascend the sky summit navigating rotating clouds. This 10'  tower can be powered up increasing its speed and earning more energy credits. The lights animate faster and turn red when powered up. After a period of time, the tower returns to normal speed. Remember, you get energy by passing through three clouds. It doesn't matter who triggers the Power Up. A great strategy is to wait for your opponent to trigger the power up saving you precious time.

Here are more successful strategies.


The Rib Cage is a series of lit poles that usually designates the Outer Ring. Remember the Outer Ring is how each Level starts.


Defeat the Locksmith by bumping pressure sensitive lock pads. Level 2 requires hitting just one pad. But if you make it to Level 3 the stakes are raised. You need to bump all 4 pads in the correct order. Listen to your Captain carefully! Combinations are regenerated on either a timeout or successful unlock.


The Xterminator considers Federation drones as pests and tries to swat them out of the sky with a guillotine. The top and bottom rectangles are constantly changing size. Choose the correct hole to fly through at the right time and this is a cinch. Get the timing wrong and get chopped. 


Keep out! Or at least that is what the Gate Keeper wants. Of course your goal is to foil her plan. Land on the Power Up and open the gate. The gate closes after a short period of time. The secret is to let your opponent trigger the opening. Then just fly through while it is still open. The lights will give you a visual cue as to just when they will start to close. This is a great counter strategy. Again, listen to your Captain!