Course Design

The technical nature of a course is defined in how much turning is needed and how many obstacles are present.



GoGate Configurations

GoGates are flags that can be configured into numerous uses.



Obstacles can be man made (GoGates) or natural.


180 degree turn.


3+ GoGates constitute a slalom. Can be a straight row or staggered.



3 sides constrained: left, right, ground


Three GoGates set with a narrow opening. In essence, a modified doorway.


Duck Under

Two GoGates angled constraining all 4 sides.


Thread the Needle

4 sides constrained, but elevated.

Fly Over

Must have a Duck Under upon exit to be considered an obstacle. The exiting Duck Under would also be considered a separate obstacle.

The MatriX

The MatriX is a multi-purpose obstacle structure that combines turn and obstacles. It enables close proximity 3 dimensional flying. It has various configurations based on the class or event type.

Below is the "Over / Under" set for Grand Prix events. It allows a figure 8 configuration which create equal left and right hand turning.

Rotorcross requires agility. Here the MatriX is configured as a corkscrew, named after the famous turn at Laguna Secca road course.


Risk / Reward

A well designed course will have multiple lines. The faster line is a straighter path, but usually involves more risk.

Below is an example of risk / reward. The Duck Under, set at an angle, gives the pilot the option of what line to take. On the left is the safer but slower line. On the right is a more direct and faster line, but the opening is tighter and therefore more risk. These designs are common at a GoDroneX X1 Cup competition.



Start Finish with timing sensors on the left side.
Clearly marked restricted / out of bounds area. Pilots flying outside are disqualified.
Power Up Area - at least 25' away from pilot stations.

Pilot Stations
No less than 25 ft from course, preferably 50 ft
No less than 100 ft from paddock

Race Control
Adjacent to Pilot stations

At least 50 ft away from Race Control and Pilot stations

Tech inspections performed at registration area.