Jump Start


Download Skills Matrix

Battlefield Specifications (summer 2017)

Badge Acheivement Chart (summer 2017)


DIY Course Materials

Print these PDFs to 24"x36" paper then mount to either foam core or plastic core (coroplast). Print as many as you want and create an awesome battlefield.

Download Frequency Plates: Alpha Clan (8.5"x11" color printer)

Download Frequency Plates: Omega Clan (8.5"x11" color printer)


Visual Coding Blocks with Tynker

Get your students coding with real-world applications. Students can build their own virtual Drone Clan Wars battlefield with Tynker (available summer 2017).

Rotor Run (make GoDroneX's mascot Rotor chase a flying drone)
Outer Ring (fly a virtual drone around the battlefield)

Gate Keeper (defeat the Emperium X by triggering a gate to open and close)
Easy Score (simple timer and scoring system for using in your own Drone Clan Wars practice sessions)

Clan Score (robust scoring system using for Drone Clan Wars)

Build Robotic Enagements with VEX Robotics

Using existing robot parts, build moving challenges that drones fly through (available summer 2017).

GateKeeper (build and program a motorized swinging gate).

Build LED Portals

Using existing arduinos and addressible LED strips, build animated portals (available summer 2017).



For more information contact greggnovosad@yahoo.com for more information on purchasing the Drone Starter Pack and getting involved in Drone Clan Wars.