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No "I" in team

2017 is the year of Team racing for GoDroneX.

Our second stop is the Madison Makers Faire on May 13th at the Monona Convention Center. This event draws thousands of attendees. We go vertical with this arena.

Teams will be randomly drawn. This is a great way to meet new people.

Expect 25 - 30 flights

Team racing greatly reduces down time so expect 25+ flights for the day.
We will move 80 racers an hour through (4 min heats with 2min inbetween). 
Even when you are not flying you will be busy helping you teammate with race strategy. You will be busy.

Drone Clan Wars greatlly improves upon the racing experience.

1) Just like a video game, there are "levels". So if are you a beginner, there is an easy section for you to fly. Many successful teams just fly the "Outer Ring" and bang out points rather than risking the more challenging sections. But it's up to you to decide. 

2) If you are more advanced, there are increasing difficult challenges worth more points.

3)  Get all three Engagements and get a bonus.


Purse:  Each pilot throws in $10 if they want to go for the purse. Two blind draws. Draw for pilots in the pool and draw for pilots not in the pool. 

50% to first place team, 30% to second place team, 20% to third place team.

AMA required.

70mm brushed micro, 1s.

Gaming is more fun

How do I play?

1) 2 warriors per team (blind draw)
2) 4 minutes battles
3) Fly the Outer Ring (easy) land on the start pad and get 10 points
4) Fly an Engagement (medium to difficult) earn more points
5) Get all 3 Engagements get a bonus
6) Must do an Outer Ring before each Engagement.

>>> Click here for all the detailed rules.

What's an Engagement?

The center of the Arena has motorized Engagements. Timing is everything. Your teammate will help you decide what Engagement is lined up best.

>>> Click here for more about Engagements.







Saturday May 13th  

3 competitions: Team, Solo & Fast Lap

10:30 -12:00 Registration (AMA required) & Open Practice
12:00 -12:30 Pilots meeting and Team Draw (random)
12:30 -  2:00 pm Competition Rounds (team & solo)
  3:00 - 3:30 pm Break
 3:30  - 4:30 Fast Lap


Q: I'm not a very good FPV racer and I don't want to hold back my team. Is this event for me?
A: Yes. Drone Clan Wars supports all levels of racing. You choose the level of difficultly. Fly the course that is within your ability and rack up points.

Q: What about admission?
A: Maker Faire Admission IS included. Just say you are with the Drone Competition and they will give you a wristband.

Q: Will there be power?
A: Yes.

Q: What if my teammate drops out?
A: A new team will be created when the next person loses a teammate. With 25+ flights planned, expect a few drop-outs and thus some new teams.

Q: If I am on multiple teams can I win more than one place?
A: Why yes you can! Sweep the podium. . .

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