2016 X1 Cup Dates Announced

Posted: February 17, 2016

GoDroneX announces the 2016 X1 Cup season. 

The X1 Cup delivers premium drone competitions with a standardized formula of machines, scoring and course designs that determines who is the best drone pilot. 2016 builds off last year's success with a mix of man made gated courses with the challenge of natural tree courses.

Additions include

  • A simplified race schedule of 5 events; 1 per month
  • Hosting a MultiGP regional qualifier event where the top pilots advance to the regional finals held downstate in Champaign IL
  • Capping the number of entrants to ensure maximum track time
  • Continuing our race format of "most laps" that greatly enhances the number of heats per hour so pilots are busy flying and not waiting

Click here for more on the X1 Cup.



For the Pilots

Creative Courses
Designs have many risk / reward racing lines. Skilled pilots take a more direct line if done correctly, shows up in their times. Plus the Matrix creates exhilarating 3 dimensional flying.

Equal Track TIme
No knockout or ladder systems. Everyone, regardless of ability gets the same amount of races.

Maximum Throughput
We move upwards of 50 racers an hour through our events. Less waiting, more competing.

For the Spectators

X Live
View what the pilots see in their goggles. Monitor 4 views at the same time.

Family Friendly
Our events are not just for tech geeks. Bewteen rounds, our mascot Rotor has activities for kids such as "the running of the arrows" and the Rotor Dance Off!

Feel free to ask questions with the pilots. They enjoy spreading their drone wisdom.