This section has more detailed rules. If you are a stickler for dotting I's and crossing T's, you'll love this section.

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Each Clan has four rounds with the objective of earning the most energy points possible. The best round is kept for ranking. Clans compete against the field not the other match opponent.


A battery change (refueling) is not mandatory but FPV micro drones at best only last 3 minutes. So a battery change will probably be needed. A Clan with a good battle plan will come in for refueling at the 2 minute mark.  It takes 40 seconds from the time you make your way back to the Bridge (the launch pads on the ground directly in front of the Warriors), swap a battery then relaunch.

  1. Batteries cannot be changed in the battlefield. Only on the Bridge. Scotties can carry the drone back to the Bridge if the drone runs out of power (being sure to avoid interfering with other drones in flight).
  2. Battery changes can be done by either the Warrior or the Captain.




Only the actual competing teams may be powered up during match play.

There are two Docking pads. Each pad has a name of either "Alpha" or "Omega". To assist with scoring you say the pad name first.

DOCKING (10 pts)

When docking, part of the drone must be physically touching the Clan's launch pad. It doesn't have to be inside, just touching. Bouncing completely out does not count. If you miss the pad or bounce off, you can just fly back on. If you flip you can turn it over without the help of a Scotty. The Captain can also flip the drone back over. If a blade pops off, someone other than the Scotty can make that repair as long as there is no interference to the other clan.

  1. After a lap of the Outer Ring and a successful landing, either the Captain or the Warrior who just landed will say team name and "Dock".
    Example: The Warrior says "Alpha Dock" each time they dock for points.
  2. Both Warriors must attempt to fly one Outer Ring and Dock.
  3. Warriors can share a drone if one becomes disabled.
  4. Absolutely no frequency changing at any time during the match.
  5. Not all docks are for points. Say you have just completed an Engagement, called out "Alpha Time Warp"  and head back to the bridge for a player swap. In this situation you would not say "Alpha Dock" since you didn't do the Outer Ring.
  6. Outer Rings with docking typically take 20 seconds.

ENGAGEMENTS (20-30 points)

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The mission is to complete all the engagements and earn a bonus. Engagement points vary based on difficulty. 

Clans should have a battle plan before the match starts dividing up responsibilities. Should one drone go down the other Warrior  picks up the slack. 

  1. Points are earned when completing the engagement not when starting it.
  2. A warrior flies though the Engagement, then around another portal, then back the way you came in and lands on a scoring pad that is directly in front of the Engagement entrance. Engagements typically take 30 seconds for an advanced pilot.
  3.  An Outer Ring & Dock must precede every scored Engagement.
  4.  The Warrior says team name then the Engagement. They listen for the computer for confirmation.
    Example: Warrior  says "Omega Air Stairs".

PENALTIES (-10 points)

We all know that Warriors crash and crash a lot!  The goal is to fly unobstructed for 4 minutes. That is why there is an Engine Bay and a Scotty. But having people on the battlefield can accidentally interfere with others so a few rules are needed.

Interference A person (ie the Scotty) obstructs the other Clans flight path.
Out of Bounds Drones must stay in the designated battlefield.
Illegal repairs Battery changes must be done by the Warrior at the launch area.
Other Judges reserve the right to penalize other infractions at their discretion. An example would be belligerent behavior, etc.
Repairs outside
of the
Engine Room
Scotties can flip over a downed drone but can’t do repairs ( like replace blades) without being inside the Engine Room. This helps keep the course clear.


Keeping track of four identical looking drones is daunting. There may be 4 judges working or as little as one. It’s the Clan's job to communicate two pieces of information:

who and what

Overall, it's very simple. Say who you are and what you have completed. The score keeper presses a button and the computer announces what has been recorded. Here is the flow . . .

Outer Ring / Dock  Example

Activity  Announcement
Warrior completes Outer Ring and Docks Warrior: “Alpha Dock”
Captain marks a hash mark under Dock on score sheet.     
Score Keeper presses Alpha Dock button Computer announces "Alpha Dock"

Engagement Example

Omega Warrior
competes Air Stairs
Omega Warrior :
Omega Air Stairs”
Omega Captain marks a hash mark for
Air Stairs on
the score sheet
Score Keeper presses Omega Air Stairs button Computer announces
"Alpha Air Stairs"

To recap
a) Say who you are and what you have completed.
b) Captain manually records hash marks on the score sheet.
c) Score Keeper presses a button on the software
d) Computer will announce what was recorded.
e) After the battle the Captain manually tallies the score and confirms with the Score Keeper.