Drones & STEM

There is no question that drones are the next big thing. But how does an educator introduce drone technology safely into their curriculum?

The Problem

GoDroneX has spent considerable time looking at how schools are implementing drone technology. Many of the programs were :

  1. too dangerous
  2. too expensive
  3. massive damage to drones and property
  4. bottlenecked student involvement
  5. build first, crash second approach
  6. lack of engagement

We flipped the paradigm to a fly first, repair second approach.

At GoDroneX our philosophy is engage students quickly by letting them fly inexpensive FPV (first person view) drones. Next, let them repair the crash damage. Finally, provide a sense of purpose for club sessions by preparing for a team based performance competition called Drone Clan Wars .

Click here to learn More about Drone Clan Wars.

FPV is fun

FPV is flying as if you are in the cockpit of the drone. A tiny camera transmits a video signal that is received on a monitor.

Line-of-Sight drone flying or GPS systems get boring fast. You are an expert in a few flights. So think about it for a second. If you are an expert in a few flights you are probably bored on your 10th flight. FPV solutions are inexpensive, lightweight (2 ounces) and can be flown in classrooms or a gym.  No damage to people or property. And most importantly it never gets boring. It's engaging and a ton of fun!

GoDroneX STEM Solution


Curriculum is built around the Skills Matrix. Courses cover a variety of drills that advance the student skill sets in a progressive manner. 

Race School is a  video series that teaches key developmental areas: Flying, Mechanics and Strategy.

Drone Camps are three hour sessions that get both educators and students all the core skills needed to run productive clubs/teams.


Jump Start details how get run practice sessions and competitions. There are resources for making your own portals, gates, bumps and pads. In short, everything you need to emulate a competition.


Starter Pack gives schools everything they need to get a safe indoor FPV drone program up and running. To compete you will need at least 2 starter packs, preferably 3 starter packs (one backup just in case).


Drone Clan Wars

Drone Clan Wars is an indoor competition series that lets student teams compete against other teams. It improves upon traditional racing by introducing teams and strategy.  Drone Clans Wars creates a sense of purpose for your drone club sessions.


For more information contact greggnovosad@yahoo.com for more information on purchasing the Drone Starter Pack and getting involved in Drone Clan Wars.