Drones & STEM

There is no question that drones are the next big thing. But how does an educator introduce drone technology safely into their curriculum?

GoDroneX has put together our Jump Start Package targeted at school drone clubs.

  • 2 Drone Camps (4 hours each at your school for instructors and students)
  • 4 Starter Packs that have everything your drone club needs including enough parts for the entire year
  • $2,400

We also faciliate Drone Clan Wars, a drone competition hosted by participating schools.

Our retail partner 312UAV.com will process your order or call them directly at (844) 312-8281. This package is only for schools.

Jump Start Package

Starter Pack gives schools everything they need to get a safe indoor FPV drone club program up and running including enough parts to last the school year.  The Jump Start package contains 4 Starter Packs.

Drone Camps teach both educators and students efficient learning strategies. Sessions are held on a Saturday morning at the school for 4 hours. Our club program takes a sporting approach where we set clear objectives broken into bronze, silver and gold achievement levels. It takes 50 flights to get to Silver level competency. The first session targets bronze level drills including basic operation, troubleshooting, and frequency management. The second session prepares the club for competition including topics as course design, building robotic gates and drone tuning (software). Sessions are spaced about 6 weeks apart.

Drone Clan Wars Competition

Drone Clan Wars is an indoor competition that lets student teams compete against other teams. It improves upon traditional racing by introducing teams and strategy.  Drone Clans Wars creates a sense of purpose for your drone club sessions.

Here is a video of the championship.



For more information contact greggnovosad@yahoo.com for more information on purchasing Jump Start and getting involved in Drone Clan Wars.