Want to win?
Here is a list of the most successful strategies:
  1. Accuracy trumps speed. Every crash costs 20 seconds. Blade pop offs cost 1 minute. Don't be the hero. Slow and steady wins.

  2. Smooth landings are important. A competent team lands many times in 4 minutes. A basic mistake is coming in too fast and too high. The drone bounces off the pad and flips. Those cost 20 seconds. Practice coming in low and scrubbing off speed.  

  3. Work smart not hard. Motorized engagements move at their speed, not yours. Adjust your strategy based on the gate position when you anticipate your arrival.

  4. Fly within your ability. The game is designed so any skill level player. A weaker player will often score more points running the outer ring than someone who is pushing their ability tackling higher point engagements and crashing out.

  5. Divide and conquer. Create a battle plan. Decide early on who takes what Engagements. Include what if scenarios. Use critical thinking. Anticipate problems.

  6. Call an Audible. An audible is a change of plan during game play. If your partner goes down be ready to take over their duties. Let’s say the battle plan was to split the engagements up. Warrior Jill takes 2 engagements and Warrior Siri has the other. But Jill crashes leaving one engagement left. The Captain calls an audible to have Siri finish off engagement and earn the bonus.    

  7. Know when to come in for a battery change. Four minutes of play requires a battery change at 2 minutes. When done correctly this takes 40 seconds. However if you run out of battery your Scotty has to locate the fallen drone, bring it back to the launch pad and not interfere with the other Clans flying. That's over 1 minute. And that hurts your score big time.

  8. Scotties are important. These drones are tiny and can be hard to find after a crash, even if the area is wide open. Don’t lose precious time trying to find a drone that is hiding behind course materials. Also, have spare blades ready.

  9. Get all your ducks in a row. Have a backup machine. Reinforce your frames. Know how to change frequencies quickly. Most beginners never finish even two matches because the are not prepared. I will say it again, reinforce your frame with flexible glue. It's hard to fly with a broken frame.

  10. Know when your match is. You need to be in the staging area one match before your up and be on the proper frequencies.

  11. Call out Engagement achievements to the score keeper. This has been covered in the RULES page. In the heat of battle your mind is racing. It's easy to forget what to do. Don't expect the score keeper to follow multiple tiny drones that all look the same and score the match properly. Help them by communicating.

  12. Check your score before you leave the Bridge. Everyone make mistakes.  Review your score as soon as the match is over.

  13. NEVER PLUG IN WHEN SOMEONE IS SITTING ON THE BRIDGE! This is a beginner mistake and it’s really easy for forget. When you plug in that means you are broadcasting video. If that happens during a match we will have to rerun it which means events go longer. Don’t be that guy. The Faraday zone is a safe plug in area that is far enough away to the FPV feed.

With more experience you will discover many other strategies. Good luck!